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AMEDE is a Nigerian based Women’s wear brand whose uniqueness is the use of tie dye and batik techniques.The Creative Director Amede Nzeribe, a lawyer turned designer believes in designing timeless classic pieces that appeal to women of all ages.


The brand has graced the catwalks of major fashion shows like Arise Magazine Fashion week , the Lagos Fashion and Design Week, the ‘Catwalk Edit’ to open London Fashion week and the Oxford Fashion studio’ showcase in Los Angeles Fashion Week. The brand has been featured in major publications like Vogue, Conde Nast, Glamour and Elle  magazine.


The brand has also had the opportunity to be featured alongside international brands like Mary Katranzou, Lanvin, Prada etc on international showroom sites like ‘Not Just a Label’ for international fashion buyers, bloggers and fashion editors.


The Amede Label has also been noticed by Ivan Bitton a Los Angeles based celebrity stylist who has dressed stars like Claudia Black, Goepele and Alysia Reiner in Amede.

Amede recently won the 2018 MEA award for Most Innovative Women's Wear Designer in Nigeria 

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